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A school built on the principles of a better education system.


Important Message To All

We're accepting applicants for the 2021-22 SY! Apply now at our application center to have a chance to become a student!

Timeless Memories

Student council standing in front of the media center.Students sitting together in class.Students learning in the media center.Two students together in a classroom.Students and a teacher take a group photo.Students working together during a class.Students learning together in a class.

Welcome to SCCS!

Welcome to the only school on the Roblox platform that teaches properly and efficiently to it's students, St. Charles Catholic School. Our administrators and faculty work their very hardest to give a realistic school experience where students make friendships and learn real material. We turn our students into hard working creative leaders, and make sure our students are nurtured properly.

We are St. Charles Catholic School.

A school of change and innovation.

We're a community.

St. Charles Catholic School is one of the first Catholic schools on the Roblox platform. Full of minds focused on the future, together we all make a great community for anyone to be apart of.

We're a connection.

Aside from our school being entirely online on a videogame platform, our school creates connections between each and every one of our students that will last far beyond graduation. We are connecting people from different parts of the country and bring them together in one place here at St. Charles Catholic School.

We're a true education.

At St. Charles Catholic School, we offer an education that public schools in the United States can't. It's not just a roleplaying school for people to join in on. It's an elite education for any middle schooler to join in on and dedicate themselves to forming our future.

We are your school!

So what are you waiting for?