Tuition and Fees

2020-21 SY

Enrollment and Application Fees

Enrollment fees aren't necessary, so enrollment and applications are free at St. Charles Catholic School.


St. Charles Catholic School has now started charging tuition. We can no longer keep running without a flow of Robux. All tuition is paid in the virtual currency called Robux.

Tuition is 250 Robux per semester (2 quarters), or 500 robux per year. Tuition will go to advertisements for the school, payouts to specific employees,

Not everyone has to pay for tuition.

If you cannot afford tuition, you are eligible to receive discounts on tuition and scholarships. Read on to learn how you can get these.

Discounts & Scholarships

If you can't afford the 250 robux/semester or 500 robux/year tuition at St. Charles Catholic School, you are likely eligible to receive a tuition discount or a scholarship. Please email for more information, or DM the principal on Discord.

Please click here to pay for the second semester of the 2020-21 school year tuition. (250 robux)

School Supplies

Even though St. Charles Catholic School is completely online on the Roblox platform, our students may need physical supplies in order to fully participate in classes and events.

Each year, students and some parents will receive a school supply list yearly. This list is always cheap and quick to purchase.