What are qualifications for the teachers?

As St. Charles Catholic School is just a school on Roblox, we don't require our teachers to have a degree or high school diploma to teach. However, we make sure that our teachers are capable of teaching real material to middle school students. Our teaching requirements include that the applicant must be at least 14 years of age, must be in 9th grade, and have never failed a year of school. However, some exceptions may apply if we feel that they deserve and are entirely capable of educating middle school students.

What are the school hours?

The St. Charles Catholic School hours are on all weekdays from 4:40 PM to 9:30 PM ET.

(4:40 PM - 8:30 PM ET)

Half days are from 4:40 PM to 6:30 PM ET.

(4:40 PM - 6:30 PM ET)

What are the school hours?

If a parent would like to get involved at St. Charles Catholic School, email csuarez@stcharlescatholicschool.org with an inquiry about your child along with their SCCS name.

Does the school's church offer mass

Yes, we offer masses; however, St. Charles Catholic School masses are not done by trained priests. This is not considered a real mass session.

Are there field trips at the school?

Students at St. Charles Catholic School do not take field trips in person/in real life, but we do offer field trips to other games on the Roblox platform.

Are there yearly standardized tests?

All students at St. Charles Catholic School take a placement test at the end of each year. These tests aren't standardized, but instead are created by St. Charles Catholic School.

Are students safe from email phising and malware?

Partially. If you've given your child permission to use email, they are protected by advanced filters to try to filter this out as much as possible. If you haven't given your child permission to use email, they can only receive emails from trusted and verified senders.

How can I access my child's grades?

If you'd like to view your child's grades, email csuarez@stcharlescatholicschool.org or have your child contact the principal via Google Chat or Discord. You will get a link to create a parent account on our SIS, which will link to your child so you'll be able to view their grades, attendance, and more at any time.

Is St. Charles Catholic School accredited?

No, as of the time of writing this website (December 18th, 2020), St. Charles Catholic School is not an accredited school. It is a Roblox school that should be attended by students to create a better foundation underneath their physical school or homeschool.

Does St. Charles Catholic School offer classes for high school credit?

Unfortunately, no. We are not an accredited school so we cannot offer classes for high school credit at St. Charles Catholic School.