About Us

Our Mission

The mission of St. Charles Catholic School is to provide a strong and enriching education for any student in the United States for a little cost. We strive to provide the same high quality education for everyone, making sure no one is discriminated against for their age, sex, color, race, sexuality, religion, financial status, or anything else.

Our Inspiration

St. Charles Catholic School was created under a strong desire and passion to pass on information to other people, as well as creative and leadership skills. Faith and love powers the school's philosophy and keeps the school running.

Currently, St. Charles Catholic School is also being endorsed by BetterEdu, a group with a mission to improve the United States education system.

Our History

St. Charles Catholic School was founded on September 23rd, 2019. However, just because it was founded, does not mean it was ready to open. At the time, St. Charles Catholic School was just preparing and setting things up to begin opening, and the school was actually named St. Nicholas Catholic School, not St. Charles Catholic School.

The school planned to start on October 7th, 2019, but was delayed to October 14th, and eventually delayed one last time to October 21st.

At the time, St. Charles Catholic School had only a few students, and just one class. These students went by the names of Jaquasha Lavender, Alan Holtz, Ryan Nguyen, Vienna Nguyen (who were not related), and Nate Gates. After the Christmas break of 2019, the school grew to 12 students.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic came, despite this being a Roblox school, St. Charles Catholic School was hit hard by it. Students left for a lack of motivation, classes were cancelled for lack of motivation, and the school was left with only 2 students.

The pandemic continued, but so did the school. Eventually, the school ended up having it's biggest expansion ever. In July 2020, ads were run more than ever for the school, to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year. St. Charles Catholic School saw 600 applications, but could only accept 85. Only 67 applications were accepted, despite that at least 40 applications should've been accepted, though, as there was a mistake in the procedure of accepting or declining applications at the time. One problem, however, was that the school was majorly understaffed. In August 2020, the school opened for a short period until students rebelled the school for expelling a student. Principal Will Donovan gave the school up, and planned on closing it permanently. In a short while, current Principal Chris Suarez decided to take an opportunity to take St. Charles Catholic School for himself.

The school reopened in October 2020 for a short period again, but closed soon, as the class size was just like the 2019-2020 school year, and the principal did not want to shrink the school. He decided to temporarily close the school until December 2020, Christmas break of 2020, to start accepting applications again and running advertisements, and now plans to accept employee applications on the Roblox site as an effort to prevent being understaffed, which was never done before in the SCCS history.