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Extended Care Program

Contact Info:

Bruins Den 818.766.7975
Hours school days until 6p.m.



Saint Charles Borromeo School's Bruins Den is an after school program designed to provide a safe and caring environment which includes academic enrichment, play activities, spiritual nurturing and service opportunities for our school students. At the Saint Charles Borromeo School Bruins Den we strive.....

To enhance student's self esteem:

  • Treat each student as a unique and special person
  • Give praise and reinforcement for positive qualities and behavior
  • Encourage students to make friends and care for each other
  • Treat others with respect, understanding and empathy
  • Show appreciation for each student

To provide learning opportunities:

  • Develop and improve skills in various areas
  • Practice appropriate language and behavior
  • Demonstrate independence and responsibility for one's actions
  • Share skills, experience and knowledge with others
  • Provide an environment where students develop enthusiasm for learning

To maintain a safe enriching environment:

  • Reinforce safety rules and guidelines
  • Teach new games and activities

To create a spirit filled and fun program:

  • Encourage participation in all activities
  • Encourage creative expression
  • Include prayer opportunities
  • Incorporate individuality and enthusiasm in all aspects of the program


The Bruins Den focuses on age appropriate activities for students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade. The program activities include activities that enrich and provide social, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional development.

  • Homework/ Quiet Activites

Homework and quiet work time is provided each day. Quiet academically enriching activites are provided to students who do not have homework.  

  • Indoor and Outside Games

    A variety of age appropriate supervised activities are provided. The Bruins Fan Club support the after school athletic teams.

  • Arts and Crafts

    Students are provided with age appropriate arts and craft activities that encourage creativity and self-expression.