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Homework is a reinforcement, extension and/or preparation of materials and skills covered in the classroom, and allows the student an opportunity to work independently. As reinforcement, assignments should cover skills previously taught which the majority of the class understands. As extension, long‑term projects such as compositions, book reports, research projects, and oral presentations may be assigned. Students may gather or prepare materials needed for class projects. Homework is generally assigned Monday through Thursday. Ordinarily, homework is not assigned on weekends except for the purpose of making up work missed through absence, through poor effort, to complete long term projects, or because the student needs extra practice on basic skills. The teacher at Back to School Night explains individual class homework policies, procedures and timelines. Each student in grades 5-8 will be issued a homework assignment book. Assignments are written on the board for students to copy.

Homework Time Allotments

These time allotments are approximate. Individual students may require more or less time on a given day, depending on their individual skills and capabilities.


one activity
Grades 1 and 2           not to exceed one half hour
Grades 3 through 5      not to exceed one full hour
Grades 6 through 8      not to exceed two full hours

*Title 1-language arts and mathematics enrichment is available after school to qualified students.


*View your student's homework! Click on the link to see updated homework.

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